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    We are a new upcoming brand, fashion driven on providing all you gorgeous Babes with on the market designs that are one of a kind. We started up over 2 years ago collecting, brain storming ideas, patterns & collections on what to showcase. Every design is picked and chosen according to eye for fashion, we know our people love nothing more to express themselves through it so why not give them this extra edge to compliement their style in a form of an acessory. We are finally here to give you that ultimate accessory to strut down the streets with.we encourage all types of unique people, no matter their age, race, size or gender to embrace their passion for fashion and show who they really are. As a brand we want to create a close engagement between us and our clients, we want to encourage people to join the face of our brand. WE love nothing more than showing off our clients and in return for them to promote our collections.

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